Heather Ridge is excited to offer these amazing perks to its residents. We understand that nothing is more valuable than your time... so we'd like to try to save you some. See below for specifics on each offering. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the leasing office. ENJOY!


Catando Carpet Cleaners

Catando Carpet Cleaners by appointment, call
856-783-8749 to get discounted rates below the
average market!

House Paws Mobile Vet

HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service will provide on call service for all residents of Heather Ridge Apartments by contacting them at 856-234-5230 and mentioning that you're a Heather Ridge resident for great discounted services!


No furniture? No problem! Whether you are relocating, on a temporary assignment or starting over, CORT can solve your temporary furnishing needs. As a Panco resident, you will enjoy exclusive offers and great customer service. Visit www.cort.com/pancoperks; or call 833-274-3732 to order your furniture. Use Coupon Code PANCO25 for 25% off first month’s furniture rental (leases 3 months or longer)


15% off Vitacup. What is Vitacup? It is vitamin infused coffee and tea pods in K Cup form. It works with all Keurig machines. The pods are infused with B1,B5, B6, B12, D3 and antioxidants. They boost your energy, increase your focus and mood. Click here for more info! "VITA20" is the 15% off discount code.